Хорхе Алберто Барантес Уйоа


February 12th, 1956, Bogota, Colombia


Married with Martha Isabel Tello de Barrantes, two children, Paola Andrea and Jorge Alejandro


1995-1996 International Negotiation, Middle East and the rest of the World

American University El Cairo, Egypt

1979-1982 International Affairs and Diplomacy

University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia

1976-1978 Economics

University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia

1974-1976 Economics

University Santo Tomás, Bogota, Colombia


2003-2006 Director-General of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003-2003 Director of Economical, Social and Environmental Multilateral Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2001-2003 Consul General in Madrid, Spain
1997-2001 Coordinator of Diplomatic Ceremonial, Protocol Department
1994-1997 Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Colombia, Cairo, Egypt
1991-1993 Counsellor, Coordinator of  Privileges and Immunities, к
1987-1991 First Secretary, Embassy of Colombia. Asuncion, Paraguay
1980-1986 Second Secretary, Protocol Department
1979-1980 Officer of the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2006 Presidential Meeting with Brazil, Brasilia
2006 Presidential Meeting with Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia
2006 Presidential Meeting with Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador
2006 Negotiation Team for the Free Trade Treaty with USA, Washington
2005 Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and Government, Salamanca, Spain
2005 General Assembly of IDB Governors, Nagoya, Japan
2004 Presidential Travel France, Belgium, European Parliament, Federal Republic of Germany, Holy See, Italy.
2004 Presidential Summit, Guadalajara, Mexico
2004 XII Summit of Heads of State of G-15, Caracas, Venezuela
2003 Presidential Meeting Colombia-Chile, Santiago de Chile
2003 Andean Presidential Summit-CAN- Ríonegro, Colombia
2000 United Nations General Assembly, New York, USA
1999 Presidential Meeting, Agenda para la Paz, Havana, Cuba
1998 Meeting of the Ministerial Bureau of Coordination of the Movement of Non-aligned Countries, Cartagena, Colombia
1998 Meeting of Foreign Ministers, commemoration of 50 years of OAS, Bogota
1996 Presidential Summit of Africa and Middle East, Cairo, Egypt
1995 Meeting of the Group of Latin American Countries with the President of the National Authority of Palestine, Cairo, Egypt
1995 International Conference for Crime Prevention, Cairo, Egypt
1995 Meeting of the Tourist Authorities, ANATO, Cairo, Egypt
1995 Conference about Population and Development, Summit of Heads of State,  Cairo, Egypt
1994 Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Non-aligned Countries, Cairo
1993 Business Meeting and Presidential visit, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
1993 Presidential Summit G-3 and CARICOM, Trinidad and Tobago
1992 Presidential Summit G-3, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela. Caracas
1992 Presidential Summit for Environment, Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1991 Presidential Meeting, Rio Group, Cartagena
1990 Meeting of the Ministers and Authorities of Tourism, Asuncion, Paraguay
1990 Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of OAS, Asuncion, Paraguay
1985 Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of OAS, Cartagena
1984 Presidential Meeting Colombia-Ecuador, Rumichaca Act, Tulcan, Ecuador


Order Vasco Núñez de Balboa, en el grado de Gran Cruz, granted by the Government of Panama
Order Bernardo O’Higgins, en el grado de Gran Oficial, granted by the Government Chile
Medal Batallón Guardia Presidencial, Colombia
Medal Fergusson, Presidency of the Republic of Colombia


2004-2006 Department of Protocol and State Ceremonial. Business Protocol. Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia
2004-2006 Protocol and Diplomatic Ceremonial, Diplomatic Academy San Carlos, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1998 Protocol and Ceremonial for Congress, Universidad Javeriana, Bogota
1998-2000 Political Institutions, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota


Coauthor of Protocol Manual, Ministry of Foreign Affairs